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 Okay! I admit... I absolutely do not like to have my little one the computer nor in front of the television. However, I do recognize that this is the technology age and so forth. With that, he earns *time* for such things! That said!! I was asked to look at ABC Mouse.  I found it to be resourceful, fun, and educational for the little ones. Mind you - I don't recommend this site nor any website to be the ONLY resource for lessons (Personal opinion!) Moving on! ABC Mouse has a promotion going on right now - a month free! Check it out!

 Barnes and Noble!
Took my son to see the fun MOUSE at Barnes and Noble!! He had such a wonderful time :) I recommend checking out your local B&N because sometimes they have guest speakers, fun characters out of story books, and other activities things going on :)  With that - check out 123homeschool4me it has a bunch of *FREE* mouse activities that go along with the story.
Take advantage of B & N's Free Online Story time!!
Educational and Fun for the Little Ones :)
*Listen and Read along!

Brain Pop!

Check out BrainPop! Fun and Educational :))) Don't forget they have brainpopjr. Let me know what you think!!

Focus on the Family:  Thriving Family

A creative way to gather information about the world around, recipes, and other interesting things for all to learn and enjoy together as a family!
"Around The World In 60 Days" is our free download with a daily biblical lesson and activity that will give your family a glimpse into another culture! Includes a fun map, itinerary & passport. 

Fonts & More for *FREE*

Tired of the traditional fonts on your computer?  Well, if you are like me... I absolutely love new stuff.  Not-to-mention, FREE!  Check out this cute blog/website :)
Design your own personal font from MyScriptFont
Abcdefghijklmonpqrstuvwxyz <-- my personal handwriting!
Goodwill Community Foundation, Inc.

Want to learn some new skills? **Check this out!~ The Goodwill Community Foundation, Inc. is offering FREE online classes ~ all the way from Math, English, technology, and lots more!! Take advantage - What can it hurt!!!
Graphics & Backgrounds  *Free*

© Strickland)
My Cute Graphics
I happened to come across a very cute website!!  It was not only attractive to look at it ~ it was geared towards appreciating teachers and fellow educators alike.  Laura Strickland the founder, creator, and designer clearly pointed out within her statement that she absolutely appreciated the hard work and dedication for those who work within the classrooms.  So, with that, she offered her services within the digital world free for educators!  Check out the fun website :)  

Homeschool Co-op Information

Hey everyone!! I don't know about you but, this frugal one loves *free* educational items!! (and sharpened #2 yellow pencils ;)!!) Check out this homeschool co-op site for *Free* e-books!! 

Home Depot

Does your little one need something to do? Both Lowes and Home Depot offer *FREE* Hands On workshops :) Check out the link for more info.

Lowes Build and Grow:


Did you know that playing soft music for example- Classical in the background while studying, doing a project, and/or just around increases concentration, thought process, and more importantly, cognitive growth? Try it! It has been proven time and time again and one that I have used personally within and out of the classroom over and over again.  
  • iheart ---> Classical Study Music. ENJOY!!

Reading is Fundamental

A fellow educator and wonderful friend found this site! ~ Check it out!! It has a few stories, games, and more.  A site that would be fun for young ones to enjoy!
~ My little guy loved 'Icky, Sticky, and Gooey' by: Kimberly Constant

Scholastic - Teacher Express

Check it out! Free and Fun! Info. from the site:  "Summer patterns, crafts, activities and ideas for the elementary classroom! Dozens of open-ended activities! Celebrate all of the Summer holidays and themes plus a special chapter for the sport of baseball! All reproducible! 112 pages."


*LOVE this* Youtube for Teachers!! Check it out ~ SchoolTube -Educational and Fun! What an interesting way in order to learn, evaluate, and gather various styles of teaching! I liked this particular video because I truly believe kids learn from their fellow peers! 'Buddy Reading' a great tool! (Not to mention, the sticky notes.... MUST HAVE in every classroom!!)


Super Moon Information.

Quiz: What was the scientific name of the 'Super Moon' last night? Don't know...that's okay! Take a look at the following website to find Astronomy ideas, lessons, and educational information - not only about the moon.... but for other interesting things that surround the world above!



A fun educational video from Havefunteaching~ Learn Shapes!!

'Havefunteaching' ~ has great clips on: the alphabet, site words, and shapes :)) Enjoy!

State Standards

A helpful website for Math State standards ~ click your state

Summer Reading Adventures

Love love LOVEEE reading to my little one!!!  Activities, Worksheets, Articles, and more! Great for a variety of age groups!  


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