Friday, July 31, 2015


Hello Everyone!! I know - I know! I've been MIA for a long time! A very long time. Long story short --> I had difficulty logging into my account. Yes, for an entire year-in-a-half. Finally!! Outside {Help} assisted me... BIG TIME! Yay!! I'm very happy that my blog is now up and running!! I was bummed when I was unable to open it!! I tried everything that I could think of at the time - worked on it by myself, YouTubed videos, contacted support {{SEVERAL}} times, and more. Finally! I met a tech-savi person! What a blessing!! YAY!! Alright - well, CLA has been up to a lot of stuff! Homeschooling, Meetup groups, social gatherings, church functions, Homeschool co-ops and more! Lots more. Not only that - another move. It's amazing how the Lord changes things. You never know where you are going to end up in life. I remember when I was younger - thinking- 'Okay! This is my plan in life' within regards to 'dream job', where I was going to be, and how I was going to make it there. Yeaa! Well! That certainly didn't pan out. I've always said that the Lord has a personality! Never in my life - I would think I would be sitting here at my desk in this particular city at my age typing a blog not-to-mention ~ designing lessons for other people to use along with homeschooling! I will say this - I did checkmark one thing off my original list ~ teaching! It's all a blessing! I just have to keep the faith, learn to take in things better (I admit -I'm terrible with change!), and become better towards 'life'. Life in general along with the people in it -are not stereotypical in-the-box 'thinkers'. Things around are not formed because of me. (Not, that I would expect it to be.) That! Right there is how I approach teaching. I will try every single method possible in order to assist, teach, learn, and adapt. All for the purpose of guiding a young one. So, the point of this entire entry - Focus on what is important rather than meander through what seems dull. Make 'life' happen.