Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Blue Track!


Around midnight, I was going through the ‘Thriving Family’ magazine by Focus on the Family (August/Sept. issue).  Usually this particular magazine has a few useful resources, interesting ideas, and other educational tips.  Like many other things that I randomly read I try to store them in my brain and so forth (I don’t know why…I usually forget about them).  Well, this very early morning was different.  I looked on the page, saw something very easy and “creative” to do for my son, and went on the search for blue painters’ tape.  I love the fact that this particular activity did not require a lot!  I took the tape, placed it on the floor in order to make roads and so forth.  I did however; expand the original idea from the magazine a bit further.  Meaning, I wanted my son to use his own personal imagination as to where things should be located, how wide the roads should be, and more.  Simple, fun, and very easy!! Just grab some blocks, cars, and various other toys that may be amusing to play with. 

Later on:

Around 8:40ish… I started to slowly wake up.  (I’m far from a morning mama!) It was quiet in the house until.... “Vroom, vroom, vrooooooom!”  I secretly smiled.  I waited to get up.  I was listening to a little five-year-old have fun with his blue track of fun on the floor.  Oh, the things that make my heart smile!!!  

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