Monday, February 18, 2013

Homeschooling 101 <-- Joke

This brief input will basically tell what to and NOT to do - all while staying home and homeschooling your child. 

Who am I kidding!  I am the least person on the planet to advise anyone how to manage 'life' from the above.  The many hats one wears can and has been a semi functional juggling act.  That only a circus can manage well.   

My transparent realistic view from a few months ago ~

Know when it's Time to Stop!

I noticed that the day was a little different; due to the mood within the house.  The mom (surprise, that IS me!) woke up (once again) LATE.  This did not go very well with the rest of the family (it never does!).  Especially, when the little person needs to eat, learn, play outside....the list goes on. 

Like every other day, we still had to do our daily non-thematic lessons (reading, writing, math, etc.).  Reason being, we try to work around the dad's schedule, play dates, educational groups, church, and yes, life.  Which inevitably throws one up in the juggling world between teaching, being a wife, mother, attending functions, and trying to breath through it all.  Not-to-mention, if we go out, obviously, we are not going to do a 'full' lesson.  (Then, guilt bestows upon the mom.)  

Moving on! I proceeded to get a review book out for my son and I to start with ...That was when I realized, my son was tired (exhausted to say the least).  He sat back in his chair, started sucking his thumb, and closed his book.  This little four-year-old did not want to do anything.  I, of-course, said, "You can stand or sit to read.  This is what we are going to do today." His little blue eyes just looked at me.

So, instead of doing a stare down...  I got up, closed my book, told him in a soft tone to "stand up".  Which he did.  I took him by the hand and walked him to his room.  While doing so, I explained "We are tired today.  You need to get some rest."  Sure enough- he was. (He fell asleep...real fast!) 

The point of all of this was really a lesson of patience.  With that, I find both the positive and negative when homeschooling. 

In general, homeschooling, is and has been great.  Great, because you can stop.  One can get some time - often known as a 'break'(for both the teacher and student). 

Basically, 'breaks' I feel are a necessary attribute that absolutely assist within learning.  Using the appropriate typ of break either a restful one or what I like to call, a movement break greatly helps.  Depending on the situation- one allows you to sleep, quietly read, and/or look at a book while the other has you move around in order to release energy by incorporating fine and/or gross motor movements.  Both are important and both have been proven to work.  Once finished, one can always come back to the task. 

The downside for some people regarding all of this is that - it does take a lot of practice and patience.  More importantly, all need from time to time 'a break'.  I have often said that working with children in general requires a lot of patience, heart, and hard work.

In order to conclude- it must be noted that I did not put my son to bed because he was not doing the lesson it was because, I realized and acknowledged that he was tired.  Therefore, I stopped and allowed him to rest.  Afterwards he woke up refreshed and ready to begin.