Monday, December 31, 2012

~ Merry Christmas ~

..... it's not all about 'us'
(A transparent reflection)

What can I possibly write, share, or even reflect upon that would bring the meaning towards this joyous holiday any more understanding than it already holds?

The short and simple answer would be... nothing!  I can not even begin to think of something intelligent to say about what hasn't already been reflected upon over the many years regarding such a day.

I could, however, say this, it all went incredibly fast.  Too Fast, if you ask me!  Here some people (yes, I was at the beginning one of those people) say to themselves.... "wait, hold on.  I'm not ready to celebrate."  When in reality all that I wasn't really "ready" for is to spend money.  In all honesty, that really wasn't the case at all.  This year my husband and I were a tad smart...saved a little bit of money just to buy gifts for our, really, we were 'ready' for our special someone.  So, what wasn't I really "ready" for?  Truth be told. 

The Holiday in General!! Why, might you ask?!? 

Well, for starters.... watching people get together all for the purpose of celebrating such a joyous season with lots of loved ones.  So, knowing that, I would secretively sink into the Hallmark channel at night hoping that one day that my little family would one day grow into such a play.  No, I wasn't drowning myself into a pity party....I was simply praying that my personal family (sisters, parents, and so forth) would one day.... (one of these lovely years) learn to 'like' each other again, and with that.... come together for the time in order to enjoy each others company and soon display some sort of love towards one another.  

Easier said than done!! I of all people know that first hand. 

On Christmas day, it all became very very clear to me.  As my small family sang "Happy Birthday to Jesus", discussed the true meaning of Christmas, and finally, open gifts ~ I began to realize...  I was allowing others to blind my heart regarding the meaning of this special day (year rather).  Meaning, I was thinking over and over again the relationships that were broken and/or lost either with friends, loved ones, and/or those who have gone home...and knowing that, I was so eager to fix things.

Knowing and feeling that... made me think about how selfish I am! Selfish for thinking about myself on such a day!!  Here it was...the Lords Birthday and I was eagerly wanting a Christmas phone call from a someone from the past or, at least a little note.  I know, I know....people get busy!  (yes, yes....there is facebook)

It just puts everything into clear perspective!! Do we (Do I) have time for the Lord, Almighty?

Truth is ... yes, I do have the time!

I admit it! I have not used it well, at all!! Due to the situations and answers received from the Lord has made that clear.  The old saying the "Grass is not greener on the other side" is incredibly true.  I could not state that any better.  Truth is ... I was very happy with my weed infested back yard and half way finished fixer upper... it was ours.  The Lord, however, had other answers for our prayers at the time.  Still, yes, currently trying to figure out those answers.

Which brings me back to the "Reason for the Season"!!

The Lord is very special!! I can not say that big or even loud enough!! As a christian person I can not imagine my life without him.  He has always been in my life through the brief up moments and (what seems like an eternity) low down moments... he will always be with my family!  We, yes, speaking to everyone.... we should all celebrate him more!

Not, just on Christmas! 

He gave us all such a gift ~ the true gift of salvation ~ and we take that for granted!

"For God so Loved the World that he Gave his one and only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life"
John 3: 16

~ Truth ~ 

Finally, I pray that just one person will read this, reflect, and hopefully, learn from their own Christmas!!

God Bless!!!!! 

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