Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Activities ~ Days 5 and 6

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased."
Luke 2:14

Day 5:  Crayon Melt Snowman

Today we read a cute little story about determination and true friendship.  What a story.  'The Biggest, Best Snowman's main character learns to depend on friends in order to beat the odds regarding those around.  A plot that would play a huge part within any young persons life.  Various discussions would include self-esteem, self-respect, and kindness towards others. 

Following the book was the melted crayon snowman.  This activity requires strong adult supervision.  My husband and I did this together in order to make sure it goes well. 

- Black paper
- White crayon
- Markers
- Flat heating grill
- Foil

1.  Heat the grill on low
2.  Put the foil on the grill (the size of the paper)
3.  Put the paper on the foil
4.  Depending on the age of the child- either hold the child's hand tight or have the adult quickly draw the circles.  That way the little one can color the inside.
*Remember to turn off the grill.

Day 6:  Shiny Christmas Tree!

My son had fun doing this tree project.  It did however, require a lot of assistance from his mommy! That's okay.  I love getting involved. 

- Seven 'shiny' pieces of green paper
- tape
- Empty paper towel roll
- stapler
- colorful pom-poms
- small black square
- tacky glue



- Fold all of the green paper into a triangle- by folding the right corner to the left side. Puff it out some- this way it will give off a 3D look.

- Cover the entire paper roll with one piece of green shiny paper

- Glue one 'triangle' on the roll (slightly to the right)
- Glue another from the left.  Keep it going.
- Glue the pom- poms.
- Glue the black square on the bottom (the stump)
There you go ~ A fun 'Shiny Tree'! 

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