Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Activities ~ Days 7 and 8


"When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy."
Matthew 2:10


The month of December has been a combination filled with events, sickness, travel, and a bunch of down moments.  That stated, enjoy the projects. 

Day 7:  Snowman Socks!

This project was a joy to do with my son.  He wanted to do the entire thing all by himself.  Naturally, with all of the little steps he was unable ... at that particular time, of-course.


- Clean white socks
- Clean colorful socks
- String or rubber band
- Buttons
- Small triangular sticker
- Small or medium sized wiggly eyes
- Rice
- Scissors
- Ribbon
- Pom- Poms


I hope that you enjoy this project as much as we did! Personally, I think that it's very cute.


Step 1:  Cut just below the tube portion of the sock.

Step 2:  Tie a string or rubber band on the bottom.

Step 3:  Turn the sock inside out.

Step 4:  You can put the sock in a small cup or do like we did ~ my little one held the sock open.

Step 5:  Pour in the rice
(Suggestion~ add a little cinnamon potpourri for a nice Christmas smell)

Step 6:  Tie the top (string or rubber band)
Step 7:  With the colorful sock cut the tube and 'toe' portion of the socks.

Step  8:  With the tube portion ~ roll up the bottom and tie a piece of string on the top.
The other piece (shown on the bottom) roll both the top and bottom

Step 9:  Squeeze the "sweater" on the snowman.

Step 10:  Place the "Hat" on top.

Step 11:  Tacky glue the eyes, pom-poms, and end of the hat.  Don't forget to stick on the nose.

 The little buddy ~ large button, pipe cleaner for the mouth, and pom-poms on the end of the hat.

**Creative, Imaginative, and Enjoyable**
Day 8:  Rudolph

- Two Clothes pins
- Washable brown paint
- Paintbrush
- Water
-  Tacky glue or a hot glue gun
- One red pom-pom
- Two small wiggly eyes

Step 1:  Paint the Clothes pins and set to completely dry
Step 2:  Glue two clothes pins on each other refer to the picture.

Step 3:  Glue the pom-poms and eyes.

Optional Step 4:  Glue a piece of ribbon on the back and hang on the lovely Christmas Tree.

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