Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday ~ April 4, 2012 - Book Selections

Wednesday- April 4, 2012  Book Selections

Book One:  My Little Book About:  Jemima Puddle-Duck

By:  Beatrix Potter

New Season Publishing- 1991

In my opinion, Jemima Puddle-Duck is a simple and yet, important read.  The author, Beatrix Potter wrote and illustrated the story well in terms of personal awareness regarding both surroundings and strangers.  Therefore, the awareness makes the valuable story line regarding trusting strangers as one that is not a smart idea.  When reading, one could ask open-ended questions throughout the progression of the story.  This would assist when gathering feedback from the ones listening.  Possible lesson and/or discussion ideas:  listening, focusing on surroundings, telling parents/guardians of location, and trust. 

Book Two:   Boy, Was I Mad                                                                                                   

By: Kathryn Hitte  *Illustrated by: Mercer Mayer

Reader’s digest services, inc. - 1969        

This interesting little book takes the reader on a journey regarding a boy who similar to Alexander (*refer to April 3rd books selections) who was having a difficult day.  However, this little one takes matters in his own hands through exploration, visiting with others, and forgetting several times why he was upset.  This book was selected for the different aspects within the story.  First of all, consider the era the story… unlike some, I would not allow my and/or any child to leave the house just because they are upset. Talk it out in order to figure out a solution.  The next possible discussion topic would follow along with Jemima Puddle-Duck regarding talking to strangers.  Again, I understand the era behind the book that is why it should be brought up when reading to young ones who live in our current society. Do not trust strangers.

Book three:  Annie Bananie                                          

By: Leah Komaiko   *Illustrated By:  Laura Cornell

Scholastic Inc. - 1987                                                                            

This is an absolute fun book.  Both the content and illustrations are filled with creativity, spark, and enthusiasm for life.  The main character takes the reader on a journey of self-expression, independence, and friendship all for the joy behind day-to-day carefree living.  Possible lesson ideas could include freedom for personal independence and growth regarding self-expression regardless of what others would think.

Book Four:  Treasures of the Heart                                                                                               

By:  Alice Ann Miller * Illustrated By: K.L. Darnell

Sleeping Bear Press- 2003                                                                                                                         

This book is one that allows the main character to open up not only about his world but, within his heart.  The little one invites you to participate through his life within the exploration amongst his collections of odd and ends.  The simplicity behind the sentimental meanings regarding some of the objects truly pinpoints the importance behind the thinking of a child.  This book was selected really for the parent and/or teacher in order to realize that children in general have expanding thoughts and feelings.  We are in essence, as adults, a tool in order to assist with their growth for life.

Book Five:  The Kissing Hand                                                                              

By: Audrey Penn  *Illustrated By: Ruth E. Harper and Nancy M. Leak

Scholastic inc. - 1993    

This is another personal favorite!  The Kissing Hand is one that will definitely touch the heart strings especially, for the one that is a mother and/or a mother at heart.  The main theme behind the story falls within the lines of trust, overcoming personal challenges, making new friends, and endless love.  This is an absolute loving story that would benefit those overcoming personal challenges of divorce, leaving for a period of time, adapting to a new environment, and developing a stronger love for those we care about.

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