Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday ~ April 2, 2012- Daily Book Selections

April 2, 2012~ Book Selections

Book One~

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

By:  Beatrix Porter

Illustrated By:  Allen Atkinson

A Bantam Book, 1983

This is a cute classic story that takes young readers on a journey.   The tale touches on the following concepts regarding listening, following directions, and respecting property.  Although simple, the main character, Peter Rabbit explores within great lengths independence ~ which inevitably lands him into some difficulty.  

Furthermore, this story has the ability to assist children regarding difficult times.  Troubled areas that can be processed, sought after through determination, and with proper skills, dealt with.  However, it boils down and matters if the child along with those around are willing to do the work.  Lastly, this book would be a great discussion piece regarding obeying parents, elders, and more all while learning the difference between "Honoring thy Mother and Father" and true defiance with self gratification.    

Book Two~

In the Tall, Tall Grass

“A 1994 Caldecott Honor Book”

By:  Denise Fleming

Henry Holt and Company, 1991

This is a fun story that flows well when teaching about nature, insects, art, and personal discovery.  In addition, each page takes the reader along through the aspect regarding the day. The story includes CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words, rhyming, short verbs that correlate well with the characters.  This is a nice selection for those who are learning to read and/or those who are developing stronger fluency skills.  Lastly, the visual aspects blend very well amongst each other on the page.  Denise Flemming did an outstanding job with making distinct artistic colors that mesh perfectly.

Book Three~

Winnie the Pooh:  Springtime with Roo

Story Adaptation:  Sarah Harris

Illustrated By:  Disney Toon Studios

Walt Disney Records, 2004

This book is a fun example of friendship, love, respect, and most of all, Easter.  The plot is a twist on the realization that friendship means more than cleaning and materialistic items.  Although fictional, this book is perfect when teaching about the season and developing an essential positive character trait. 

Book Four~

The Little House   

Earned a Caldecott Medal  

By:  Virginia Lee Burton
Houghton Mifflin Company, 1942

This is one of my personal favorites ~  The author, Virginia Lee Burton did an excellent job with the presentation, process, and growth of the story.  The flow of the book and plot allows the reader to develop feelings for and about the main character, the Little House.  I find that each page has wonderful detailed illustrations all in order to truly demonstrate the imaginative insight behind the author.
Therefore, possible teaching themes could be~ respect, seasons, learning about growth, and finally, overcoming differences and/or adaptations specifically, regarding moving and/or developing an attitude towards acceptance.  

Book Five~

Why is grass green?

Micky Wonders Why Series

This is a resource style book that is colorful, interesting, and informative for young readers.  It answers a few "why" questions that seem to flow throughout the households with young children.  A great resource when teaching about plants, growth, and nature. 


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