Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday ~ April 10, 2012 - Book Selections

Today’s selections are rather different… different in terms of storyline, illustrations, and creativity.

Book One:  Sun Up, Sun Down

By:  Gail Gibbons
Scholastic Inc. - 1983

This is an informative style book that discusses various scientific elements regarding the sun, the seasons, shadows, nature, planets, and much more. 

Book Two:  Hi Cat!
By:  Ezra Jack Keats
The Macmillan Company - 1970 

This book was selected due to the unique style of illustrations.  The pictures are a mixed of collage prints and painting strokes.  The story is slightly different far as the point.  With that, one might have to explain the story to a young listener.  Again, it was selected for the difference and creativity behind the art.  Possible lesson ideas would include open-ended questions regarding the process of the story. 

Book Three:  Mousetrap
By:  Diane Snowball * Illustrated By:  Kathi Ember
Scholastic, Inc. – 1994

This is a simple book.  It was selected for the bright illustrations, easy read for the young, and the rhyming aspects behind this short book.  The story is cute and flows well.  Young ones would enjoy the fun pictures. 

Book Four:  Oh, the Thinks you can Think!
By:  Dr. Seuss
Random House – 1975

This is a fun, vibrant, and extremely creative book.  The mixture of interesting words flow strangely well with the illustrations.

Book Five:  One Fine Day
By:  Nonny Hogrogian
Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc. – 1971

This is an older story with a plot geared towards begging and bartering for a purpose.  Personally, I would hold off reading this story to a young one because the main character does get hurt… however, there is a point in the end.

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