Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday April 5, 2012 ~ Book Selections

April 5, 2012  Book Selections

Book One:  Bedtime for Frances                                                 

By:  Russell Hoban  * Illustrations By:  Garth Williams

Harper & Row, Publishers 1960        

Bedtime for Frances is a cute story about a little one who procrastinates when it comes to bedtime.  In reality, this book would follow along perfectly for any little one that is struggling with the same difficulty.  I found that the author gave the parents’ a great deal of patience when working through the bedtime process.  In opinion, I would have handled (or written) the various situations somewhat differently.  I say that, because I believe in the use of schedules and consistency.   Therefore, I would have redirected Francis back into the bedroom instead of allowing her to participate with what the parents were doing.  Other than that, the story was a delightful read with loving characters. 

Lastly, the illustrations are simple, yet, effective in terms of getting the point across.  Possible lesson ideas would include independence, staying in the room by him or herself, overcoming struggles regarding the dark, learning about the time of day, growth, and trust.

Book Two: The Kids’ Invention Book                                                                                                                                  

By:  Arlene Erlbach

Scholastic Inc. - 1997

This book was selected for its’ strong effort in order to make it known that all children are smart.  Kids’ invention brought out various strong points and ideas that creative young minds had a passion for.  I enjoyed the fact that several of them were driven for a personal purpose either for the need of helping another and developing something different.  

This was and still is a great resource style book with lots of information.

Book Three:  The Colorful Mouse

By:  Julie Durrell

A Golden Book- 1991

This is a cute little story that was selected for the pure simplicity. This would be great when introducing colors within lessons for toddlers and/or preschoolers.  One could explore and have fun throughout the house and/or classroom with a young one.

Book Four:  Just Another Busy Day

By: Jacelen Deinema Pete

Peachtree Publishers, Ltd.- 1989

 I for one absolutely adore this imaginative and touching book.  I deeply appreciate the story even more now as a mother of a young one than I did before.   I am always wondering what my little one is thinking.  This fun book puts the mind of child up on high.  The major lesson for that would add spark ~ push imagination with the process of creativity.

Book Five:  The Story of Jonah

By: Alice Joyce Davidson *Illustrated by: Victoria Marshall

Grolier Enterprises Inc. -1984

 This is a beautifully illustrated story that combines both the past and the present.  Within this wonderful little adventure the character takes the reader on a fun journey geared towards prayer, growth, understanding, and developing a better understanding of the Lord.  Possible lesson ideas would be just that of prayers, growth, listening, and developing a stronger relationship with the Lord.

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