Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday- April 8, 2012 ~ Book Selections {Some of our Favorites}

Happy Easter * He Is Risen
Sunday –April 8, 2012 ~ Book Selections

Book One: An Easter Carol

By: Cindy Kenney *Illustrated By:  Greg Hardin and Robert Vann

Big Idea Books* Zonderkidz – 2004

This book was selected for the simple reason of the season ~It’s Easter Day!! This is the time that all should be thankful that the Lord above came, died, and ultimately risen!! Thank you, Lord ~ Jesus. With that, I wanted to add a book that focused on just that.

The story line within “An Easter Carol” is similar to ‘The Christmas Carol’ and ‘The Scrooge" in that the main character loses his way with regards to physical gain versus really accepting what is truly beneficial and important for all. Ultimately, the process becomes clear and in the end all is well for all.

Within this book you will find vibrant illustrations that flow along with the story very well ~ especially, the ones with the stain glass windows of Jesus. This is a wonderful book that pinpoints the true reason for Easter and one that should be shared with all.

Possible lesson ideas would include learning more about the Bible, positive character traits, differences between right and wrong, caring and sharing with others, the importance about Easter, prayer, and developing a daily walk with the Lord.

As a Christian mom, I have included this story along with others within the various selections throughout our daily walk with the Lord.


Book Two: Thank you, God

By: P.k. Hallinan

Candy Cane Press - 2002

This is a sweet little book that has a loving storyline. It is perfect for little ones in order to learn about sharing, caring, prayer, and thanking the Lord for daily things. Personally, I love the visuals.. the colors blend very well amongst one another. This book is a great little one for babies on up.

Book Three: Jesus Loves Me

By: Anna Warner *Illustrated By: Jodie Mccallum

Cliff Road Books – 2007

This is a wonderful book that follows along the inspirational children’s song of all time, “Jesus Loves Me.” This book has large print letters in order to help guide those learning to read small words to short sentences. The visuals are bright in color and fun to look at. The story within teaches young ones about the importance of Jesus, sharing with others, praying to the Lord, and loving others.

Book Four: Love You Forever

By: Robert Munsch * Illustrated By: Sheila Mcgraw

A Firefly Book – 2006

When I first heard this story I was in one of my college classes listening to my instructor read. While reading, she would stop periodically in order to wipe her face. She had tears running down her cheeks. As I was sitting there in my seat, I did not understand why this particular book would touch someone like that. The words seemed simple. Afterwards, I read the same book to my class of little ones without any symptoms of sadness or otherwise on my part. Of-course at the time, I did not understand.

Ten years later after that incident I read the same book to my newborn and sure enough… I could not get through the book without tearing up. *I’m not a crying type of person, either. Or, I try not to be. Since then, I have only had a few of those moments…not for sadness.. mainly, for the fact my son, is growing up so fast.

This book definitely touches the heart strings for mothers. I highly recommend this book for all…especially for those who have little ones. It is cute and very touching not-to-mention, that the  illustrations bring the story to life.

Book Five: God Knows All About Me

By: Claire Gage *Illustrated By: Kate Toms

Make Believe Ideas, Ltd. – 2008

My son and I enjoy this little book for many reasons ~ visuals are unique and charming, the storyline is simple, and the relationship regarding body parts make a fun little activity.   In addition, the hand-stitched visuals are adorable.    This book makes teaching about the Lord fun.

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