Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday- April 7, 2012 ~ Book Selections

Saturday, April 07, 2012
Book Selections

Book One: Corduroy

By: Don Freeman

The Viking Press - 1968

This is a cute little book regarding friendship and family.  The author and illustrator, Don Freeman did a wonderful job behind the thoughtfulness regarding the main character, Corduroy.  This story is one that I believe would help a child who was in need of something either being a friend, a home, and/or a family.  This story briefly guides the reader through a short little adventure behind the little bear.  A fun little family read.

Book Two:  Annie’s Race

Adapted By: Shelagh Canning * Illustrated By:  Davis Henry

Alladin Paperbacks – 1996

This is an interesting book that discusses various situations that would make one feel insecure and/or embarrassed.  Therefore, this book guides the reader how to overcome struggle, learn more about hard work, and develop progress with determination.  On the bright side, the story line brought out friendship amongst the characters, true effort behind Annie, individual will power, and most of all, courage, specifically towards looking ahead while moving forward.  

In addition, the book was selected for many things most of all how to work together, develop a stronger relationship, and self-realization behind being goal driven.  Possible lessons would be geared towards self-esteem, courage, and positive virtues.

Book Three:  Look what I can Do.

By: Jose Aruego

Alladin Paperbacks – 1971

This is a creative story.  This simple read can be slightly difficult due to the fact the little ones reading would actually have to come up with the words through the process of looking at the pictures.  Lesson ideas would include developing a stronger insight regarding the pictures and answering open-ended questions.

Book Four:  Dimity Duck

By:  Jane Yolen * Illustrated By:  Sebastien Braun

 Philomel Books - 2006  

 This is a cute illustrated rhyming book that takes the reader on a wonderful little journey of friendship, growth, and exploration.  This book is perfect for a young toddler up to kindergarten age.  I would include this book within language lessons due to the rhyming and for those learning how to read short sentences.

Book Five:  A Friend Is One Who Helps

By:  Ruth Shannon Odor * Illustrated By:  Helen Endres

The Child’s World, Inc. – 1976

 This book was selected because of the content behind the story.  It is one that follows along with the Biblical parable, “The Good Samaritan.”  The story takes the reader along with the main character, Sarah Lou.  It definitely makes the reader develop strong feelings for her due to the fact; she was having difficulty doing fun and necessary things.  Possible lesson ideas would include positive character traits and caring for others.    

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