Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday~ April 9, 2012 - Book Selections

Monday, April 9, 2012 ~ Book Selections

Book One:  Skippy jon Jones: In the Dog House

By: Judy Schachner

Scholastic Inc. – 2005

This is such a funny book!! My son and I absolutely love this story due to the comical aspects and creativity behind the main character, Skippyjon Jones.  It is especially humorous if you, as the reader, add a little accent.  The strong imagination behind the dog flows rapid within this book.  Highly recommended!!

Book Two:  Matthew and Tilly

By:  Rebecca C. Jones * Illustrated By:  Beth Peck

A Trumpet Club Special Edition - 1991 

I chose this book because of the soft illustrations and content of the story.  The pictures blend very well amongst the story regarding friendship, caring, sharing, and most of all, working things out.  With that, possible lesson ideas would include strong and helpful character traits and developing the ability to work problems out amongst one another.

Book Three:  Knuffle Bunny

By:  Mo Willems

Walker Books- 2005 

This is another fun book ~ especially for those who are parents of young ones.  It has definite TRUE factors within the story... those with young children would be able to highly relate towards the theme of the story.  In addition, this book has a fun comical aspect that would intrigue most ~ especially, within the creative illustrations. 

Book Four:  Hats off to Lyle

By: Ronald Kidd * Illustrated By:  Tom Bancroft and Rob Carley

Scholastic – Big Ideas, Inc. – 2006

This is a great book about “forgiveness”.  The concept behind most ‘Veggietales’ stories usually have either a Biblical theme and/or a positive aspect that they want to press on towards the ones reading and/or listening.  This particular book flows well when teaching little ones about forgiving others due to hurtful words and/or actions.   A great story as to what the Lord wants us to about various situations.

Book Five:  Darcy and Gran Don’t Like Babies

By:  Jane Cutler * Illustrated By:  Susannah Ryan

Scholastic, Inc. – 1993

This is a nice book that would be perfect for young ones dealing with a young brother and/or sister.  The storyline follows well regarding how the main character deals with the aspect that “she” is not the only one in the house any more.  It is a cute story of growth regarding the expansion of love and personal acceptance. 


  1. Great suggestions! L. loves Skippy John Jones and pretty soon we're going to have to check out Darcy and Gran too!

  2. Hi Emily :) Thank you for comment!!! J and I love the Skippy books ~ they are sooo cute! I hope that you enjoy Darcy and Gran.