Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday ~ April 3, 2012 - Book Selections

April 3, 2012 ~ Book Selections

Book One:  My Little Book about Benjamin Bunny                                                         

By: Beatrix Potter

New Seasons Publishing, Ltd 1991                                             

This book was selected today for its cute simplicity.  Benjamin Bunny is a follow-up story for Peter Rabbit.  The characters and illustrations were driven with heart and love~ two strong features that would benefit anyone.   Lesson ideas would be that of friendship, family, love, consequences of actions, and listening.

Book Two:  The Early Bird                                                                                       

By: Richard Scarry

Beginner Books: Random House 1968                                                                                          

This is a fun little story that has the ability to take a young reader on a full day’s journey regarding figuring out issues, overcoming shyness, and making new friends.  These are characteristics that would truly assist both the young and older in terms of branching out.

Book Three: My First Book of Prayers              

Illustrated By: Stephanie McFetridge Britt

Children’s Books                                 


This is a wonderful book with loving realistic illustrations.  This book has the ability to implement the Love for Christ throughout various moments of the day.   Designed lessons could include memorization of poems, developing a relationship with the Lord, and making personal connections with others and nature.    

Book Four:  Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

By: Judith Viorst

Illustrated By: Ray Cruz

Aladdin Books –New York 1972                                                      

This classic story takes the reader on a journey regarding how a little one manages through various difficult situations.  Right off, the main character has a bummed attitude all while feeling as though no one cares for his well-being.  I found this book to be perfect for and when teaching about difficult moments.   The process and illustrations that follow along with the story really do the job in terms of feeling for the character.   

Book Five:  Motherhood is Not for Sissies

By: Evelyn Beilensown

Peter Pauper Press  - New York 2005                                                                                      

I absolutely agree with author, “All Mothers are Working Mothers.”  Within this book you will find some comical insight of true little snips of what a mother actually goes through.  It was selected for the true amusement of ‘Motherhood’- Something that all moms cope with on a 24/7 daily basis…. “When all else fails, pray.”   


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