Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday ~ April 10, 2012 - Book Selections

Today’s selections are rather different… different in terms of storyline, illustrations, and creativity.

Book One:  Sun Up, Sun Down

By:  Gail Gibbons
Scholastic Inc. - 1983

This is an informative style book that discusses various scientific elements regarding the sun, the seasons, shadows, nature, planets, and much more. 

Book Two:  Hi Cat!
By:  Ezra Jack Keats
The Macmillan Company - 1970 

This book was selected due to the unique style of illustrations.  The pictures are a mixed of collage prints and painting strokes.  The story is slightly different far as the point.  With that, one might have to explain the story to a young listener.  Again, it was selected for the difference and creativity behind the art.  Possible lesson ideas would include open-ended questions regarding the process of the story. 

Book Three:  Mousetrap
By:  Diane Snowball * Illustrated By:  Kathi Ember
Scholastic, Inc. – 1994

This is a simple book.  It was selected for the bright illustrations, easy read for the young, and the rhyming aspects behind this short book.  The story is cute and flows well.  Young ones would enjoy the fun pictures. 

Book Four:  Oh, the Thinks you can Think!
By:  Dr. Seuss
Random House – 1975

This is a fun, vibrant, and extremely creative book.  The mixture of interesting words flow strangely well with the illustrations.

Book Five:  One Fine Day
By:  Nonny Hogrogian
Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc. – 1971

This is an older story with a plot geared towards begging and bartering for a purpose.  Personally, I would hold off reading this story to a young one because the main character does get hurt… however, there is a point in the end.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday~ April 9, 2012 - Book Selections

Monday, April 9, 2012 ~ Book Selections

Book One:  Skippy jon Jones: In the Dog House

By: Judy Schachner

Scholastic Inc. – 2005

This is such a funny book!! My son and I absolutely love this story due to the comical aspects and creativity behind the main character, Skippyjon Jones.  It is especially humorous if you, as the reader, add a little accent.  The strong imagination behind the dog flows rapid within this book.  Highly recommended!!

Book Two:  Matthew and Tilly

By:  Rebecca C. Jones * Illustrated By:  Beth Peck

A Trumpet Club Special Edition - 1991 

I chose this book because of the soft illustrations and content of the story.  The pictures blend very well amongst the story regarding friendship, caring, sharing, and most of all, working things out.  With that, possible lesson ideas would include strong and helpful character traits and developing the ability to work problems out amongst one another.

Book Three:  Knuffle Bunny

By:  Mo Willems

Walker Books- 2005 

This is another fun book ~ especially for those who are parents of young ones.  It has definite TRUE factors within the story... those with young children would be able to highly relate towards the theme of the story.  In addition, this book has a fun comical aspect that would intrigue most ~ especially, within the creative illustrations. 

Book Four:  Hats off to Lyle

By: Ronald Kidd * Illustrated By:  Tom Bancroft and Rob Carley

Scholastic – Big Ideas, Inc. – 2006

This is a great book about “forgiveness”.  The concept behind most ‘Veggietales’ stories usually have either a Biblical theme and/or a positive aspect that they want to press on towards the ones reading and/or listening.  This particular book flows well when teaching little ones about forgiving others due to hurtful words and/or actions.   A great story as to what the Lord wants us to about various situations.

Book Five:  Darcy and Gran Don’t Like Babies

By:  Jane Cutler * Illustrated By:  Susannah Ryan

Scholastic, Inc. – 1993

This is a nice book that would be perfect for young ones dealing with a young brother and/or sister.  The storyline follows well regarding how the main character deals with the aspect that “she” is not the only one in the house any more.  It is a cute story of growth regarding the expansion of love and personal acceptance. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday- April 8, 2012 ~ Book Selections {Some of our Favorites}

Happy Easter * He Is Risen
Sunday –April 8, 2012 ~ Book Selections

Book One: An Easter Carol

By: Cindy Kenney *Illustrated By:  Greg Hardin and Robert Vann

Big Idea Books* Zonderkidz – 2004

This book was selected for the simple reason of the season ~It’s Easter Day!! This is the time that all should be thankful that the Lord above came, died, and ultimately risen!! Thank you, Lord ~ Jesus. With that, I wanted to add a book that focused on just that.

The story line within “An Easter Carol” is similar to ‘The Christmas Carol’ and ‘The Scrooge" in that the main character loses his way with regards to physical gain versus really accepting what is truly beneficial and important for all. Ultimately, the process becomes clear and in the end all is well for all.

Within this book you will find vibrant illustrations that flow along with the story very well ~ especially, the ones with the stain glass windows of Jesus. This is a wonderful book that pinpoints the true reason for Easter and one that should be shared with all.

Possible lesson ideas would include learning more about the Bible, positive character traits, differences between right and wrong, caring and sharing with others, the importance about Easter, prayer, and developing a daily walk with the Lord.

As a Christian mom, I have included this story along with others within the various selections throughout our daily walk with the Lord.


Book Two: Thank you, God

By: P.k. Hallinan

Candy Cane Press - 2002

This is a sweet little book that has a loving storyline. It is perfect for little ones in order to learn about sharing, caring, prayer, and thanking the Lord for daily things. Personally, I love the visuals.. the colors blend very well amongst one another. This book is a great little one for babies on up.

Book Three: Jesus Loves Me

By: Anna Warner *Illustrated By: Jodie Mccallum

Cliff Road Books – 2007

This is a wonderful book that follows along the inspirational children’s song of all time, “Jesus Loves Me.” This book has large print letters in order to help guide those learning to read small words to short sentences. The visuals are bright in color and fun to look at. The story within teaches young ones about the importance of Jesus, sharing with others, praying to the Lord, and loving others.

Book Four: Love You Forever

By: Robert Munsch * Illustrated By: Sheila Mcgraw

A Firefly Book – 2006

When I first heard this story I was in one of my college classes listening to my instructor read. While reading, she would stop periodically in order to wipe her face. She had tears running down her cheeks. As I was sitting there in my seat, I did not understand why this particular book would touch someone like that. The words seemed simple. Afterwards, I read the same book to my class of little ones without any symptoms of sadness or otherwise on my part. Of-course at the time, I did not understand.

Ten years later after that incident I read the same book to my newborn and sure enough… I could not get through the book without tearing up. *I’m not a crying type of person, either. Or, I try not to be. Since then, I have only had a few of those moments…not for sadness.. mainly, for the fact my son, is growing up so fast.

This book definitely touches the heart strings for mothers. I highly recommend this book for all…especially for those who have little ones. It is cute and very touching not-to-mention, that the  illustrations bring the story to life.

Book Five: God Knows All About Me

By: Claire Gage *Illustrated By: Kate Toms

Make Believe Ideas, Ltd. – 2008

My son and I enjoy this little book for many reasons ~ visuals are unique and charming, the storyline is simple, and the relationship regarding body parts make a fun little activity.   In addition, the hand-stitched visuals are adorable.    This book makes teaching about the Lord fun.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday- April 7, 2012 ~ Book Selections

Saturday, April 07, 2012
Book Selections

Book One: Corduroy

By: Don Freeman

The Viking Press - 1968

This is a cute little book regarding friendship and family.  The author and illustrator, Don Freeman did a wonderful job behind the thoughtfulness regarding the main character, Corduroy.  This story is one that I believe would help a child who was in need of something either being a friend, a home, and/or a family.  This story briefly guides the reader through a short little adventure behind the little bear.  A fun little family read.

Book Two:  Annie’s Race

Adapted By: Shelagh Canning * Illustrated By:  Davis Henry

Alladin Paperbacks – 1996

This is an interesting book that discusses various situations that would make one feel insecure and/or embarrassed.  Therefore, this book guides the reader how to overcome struggle, learn more about hard work, and develop progress with determination.  On the bright side, the story line brought out friendship amongst the characters, true effort behind Annie, individual will power, and most of all, courage, specifically towards looking ahead while moving forward.  

In addition, the book was selected for many things most of all how to work together, develop a stronger relationship, and self-realization behind being goal driven.  Possible lessons would be geared towards self-esteem, courage, and positive virtues.

Book Three:  Look what I can Do.

By: Jose Aruego

Alladin Paperbacks – 1971

This is a creative story.  This simple read can be slightly difficult due to the fact the little ones reading would actually have to come up with the words through the process of looking at the pictures.  Lesson ideas would include developing a stronger insight regarding the pictures and answering open-ended questions.

Book Four:  Dimity Duck

By:  Jane Yolen * Illustrated By:  Sebastien Braun

 Philomel Books - 2006  

 This is a cute illustrated rhyming book that takes the reader on a wonderful little journey of friendship, growth, and exploration.  This book is perfect for a young toddler up to kindergarten age.  I would include this book within language lessons due to the rhyming and for those learning how to read short sentences.

Book Five:  A Friend Is One Who Helps

By:  Ruth Shannon Odor * Illustrated By:  Helen Endres

The Child’s World, Inc. – 1976

 This book was selected because of the content behind the story.  It is one that follows along with the Biblical parable, “The Good Samaritan.”  The story takes the reader along with the main character, Sarah Lou.  It definitely makes the reader develop strong feelings for her due to the fact; she was having difficulty doing fun and necessary things.  Possible lesson ideas would include positive character traits and caring for others.    

Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday- April 6, 2012 ~ Book Selections

Friday – April 6, 2012 ~ Book Selections

Book One:  Baby Animals

By:  Margaret Wise Brown * Illustrated By:  Susan Jeffers

Random House 1941

This is a loving story that follows along the main character regarding the necessary things that happen while living on a farm.  The illustrations are beautifully designed as they attract the reader. The story line and visuals blend very amongst one another.

With that, what I enjoyed most about the book was the fact that it seemed as though the author wanted the reader to think.  This was displayed through the questions within the story regarding the animals.  It is definitely a book that provokes thought and understanding towards the animals along with the functions that happen while living on the farm. 

Therefore possible lesson ideas would include farm life, growth, nature, concepts of love, nurturing one another, respect, and happiness. 

Book two:  The Alphabet Tree

By:  Leo Lionni 

A Trumpet Club Special Edition

The Alphabet Tree was selected for its’ true simplicity regarding the growth of one’s ability towards learning to read.  The flow of the letters, words, sentences, and overall language within the book blends well.  In addition, the designed content of the book takes the young reader on a journey without the realization that they are about to make actual sentences.

Book Three:  Puppy at the Door 

By: Dawn Mcmillan *Illustrations by: Jenny Mountstephen

Nelson Thomson Learning – 2001

This is a nice little story about friendship, caring for others, and most of all, love.  Puppy at the Door is a simple story that is a great little read for those developing stronger fluency and/or reading skills.  

Possible lesson ideas would include learning more about character traits, progression regarding reading skills, and responsibility. 

Book Four:  Curious George: Visits The Zoo

By:  Margret Rey and Alan J. Shalleck

Houghton Mifflin Company Boston – 1985   

This is a fun little book that teaches young readers about listening, responsibility, and caring for others.  The basic reason for the selection was simply just for that- in addition to spark, interest, and awareness.  Lesson ideas would include focusing on individual surroundings and paying attention to those in charge.

Book Five: Mooses’s Loose Tooth

By: Jacqueline A. Clarke * Illustrated By:  Bruce Mcnally

Scholastic inc. 2003    

This is a fun story that is mainly geared towards friendship and partnership.  Within, you will find that the characters all work together for an answer.  The unlikely friendship between the ones within brought a comical twist towards the story.     

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday April 5, 2012 ~ Book Selections

April 5, 2012  Book Selections

Book One:  Bedtime for Frances                                                 

By:  Russell Hoban  * Illustrations By:  Garth Williams

Harper & Row, Publishers 1960        

Bedtime for Frances is a cute story about a little one who procrastinates when it comes to bedtime.  In reality, this book would follow along perfectly for any little one that is struggling with the same difficulty.  I found that the author gave the parents’ a great deal of patience when working through the bedtime process.  In opinion, I would have handled (or written) the various situations somewhat differently.  I say that, because I believe in the use of schedules and consistency.   Therefore, I would have redirected Francis back into the bedroom instead of allowing her to participate with what the parents were doing.  Other than that, the story was a delightful read with loving characters. 

Lastly, the illustrations are simple, yet, effective in terms of getting the point across.  Possible lesson ideas would include independence, staying in the room by him or herself, overcoming struggles regarding the dark, learning about the time of day, growth, and trust.

Book Two: The Kids’ Invention Book                                                                                                                                  

By:  Arlene Erlbach

Scholastic Inc. - 1997

This book was selected for its’ strong effort in order to make it known that all children are smart.  Kids’ invention brought out various strong points and ideas that creative young minds had a passion for.  I enjoyed the fact that several of them were driven for a personal purpose either for the need of helping another and developing something different.  

This was and still is a great resource style book with lots of information.

Book Three:  The Colorful Mouse

By:  Julie Durrell

A Golden Book- 1991

This is a cute little story that was selected for the pure simplicity. This would be great when introducing colors within lessons for toddlers and/or preschoolers.  One could explore and have fun throughout the house and/or classroom with a young one.

Book Four:  Just Another Busy Day

By: Jacelen Deinema Pete

Peachtree Publishers, Ltd.- 1989

 I for one absolutely adore this imaginative and touching book.  I deeply appreciate the story even more now as a mother of a young one than I did before.   I am always wondering what my little one is thinking.  This fun book puts the mind of child up on high.  The major lesson for that would add spark ~ push imagination with the process of creativity.

Book Five:  The Story of Jonah

By: Alice Joyce Davidson *Illustrated by: Victoria Marshall

Grolier Enterprises Inc. -1984

 This is a beautifully illustrated story that combines both the past and the present.  Within this wonderful little adventure the character takes the reader on a fun journey geared towards prayer, growth, understanding, and developing a better understanding of the Lord.  Possible lesson ideas would be just that of prayers, growth, listening, and developing a stronger relationship with the Lord.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday ~ April 4, 2012 - Book Selections

Wednesday- April 4, 2012  Book Selections

Book One:  My Little Book About:  Jemima Puddle-Duck

By:  Beatrix Potter

New Season Publishing- 1991

In my opinion, Jemima Puddle-Duck is a simple and yet, important read.  The author, Beatrix Potter wrote and illustrated the story well in terms of personal awareness regarding both surroundings and strangers.  Therefore, the awareness makes the valuable story line regarding trusting strangers as one that is not a smart idea.  When reading, one could ask open-ended questions throughout the progression of the story.  This would assist when gathering feedback from the ones listening.  Possible lesson and/or discussion ideas:  listening, focusing on surroundings, telling parents/guardians of location, and trust. 

Book Two:   Boy, Was I Mad                                                                                                   

By: Kathryn Hitte  *Illustrated by: Mercer Mayer

Reader’s digest services, inc. - 1969        

This interesting little book takes the reader on a journey regarding a boy who similar to Alexander (*refer to April 3rd books selections) who was having a difficult day.  However, this little one takes matters in his own hands through exploration, visiting with others, and forgetting several times why he was upset.  This book was selected for the different aspects within the story.  First of all, consider the era the story… unlike some, I would not allow my and/or any child to leave the house just because they are upset. Talk it out in order to figure out a solution.  The next possible discussion topic would follow along with Jemima Puddle-Duck regarding talking to strangers.  Again, I understand the era behind the book that is why it should be brought up when reading to young ones who live in our current society. Do not trust strangers.

Book three:  Annie Bananie                                          

By: Leah Komaiko   *Illustrated By:  Laura Cornell

Scholastic Inc. - 1987                                                                            

This is an absolute fun book.  Both the content and illustrations are filled with creativity, spark, and enthusiasm for life.  The main character takes the reader on a journey of self-expression, independence, and friendship all for the joy behind day-to-day carefree living.  Possible lesson ideas could include freedom for personal independence and growth regarding self-expression regardless of what others would think.

Book Four:  Treasures of the Heart                                                                                               

By:  Alice Ann Miller * Illustrated By: K.L. Darnell

Sleeping Bear Press- 2003                                                                                                                         

This book is one that allows the main character to open up not only about his world but, within his heart.  The little one invites you to participate through his life within the exploration amongst his collections of odd and ends.  The simplicity behind the sentimental meanings regarding some of the objects truly pinpoints the importance behind the thinking of a child.  This book was selected really for the parent and/or teacher in order to realize that children in general have expanding thoughts and feelings.  We are in essence, as adults, a tool in order to assist with their growth for life.

Book Five:  The Kissing Hand                                                                              

By: Audrey Penn  *Illustrated By: Ruth E. Harper and Nancy M. Leak

Scholastic inc. - 1993    

This is another personal favorite!  The Kissing Hand is one that will definitely touch the heart strings especially, for the one that is a mother and/or a mother at heart.  The main theme behind the story falls within the lines of trust, overcoming personal challenges, making new friends, and endless love.  This is an absolute loving story that would benefit those overcoming personal challenges of divorce, leaving for a period of time, adapting to a new environment, and developing a stronger love for those we care about.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday ~ April 3, 2012 - Book Selections

April 3, 2012 ~ Book Selections

Book One:  My Little Book about Benjamin Bunny                                                         

By: Beatrix Potter

New Seasons Publishing, Ltd 1991                                             

This book was selected today for its cute simplicity.  Benjamin Bunny is a follow-up story for Peter Rabbit.  The characters and illustrations were driven with heart and love~ two strong features that would benefit anyone.   Lesson ideas would be that of friendship, family, love, consequences of actions, and listening.

Book Two:  The Early Bird                                                                                       

By: Richard Scarry

Beginner Books: Random House 1968                                                                                          

This is a fun little story that has the ability to take a young reader on a full day’s journey regarding figuring out issues, overcoming shyness, and making new friends.  These are characteristics that would truly assist both the young and older in terms of branching out.

Book Three: My First Book of Prayers              

Illustrated By: Stephanie McFetridge Britt

Children’s Books                                 


This is a wonderful book with loving realistic illustrations.  This book has the ability to implement the Love for Christ throughout various moments of the day.   Designed lessons could include memorization of poems, developing a relationship with the Lord, and making personal connections with others and nature.    

Book Four:  Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

By: Judith Viorst

Illustrated By: Ray Cruz

Aladdin Books –New York 1972                                                      

This classic story takes the reader on a journey regarding how a little one manages through various difficult situations.  Right off, the main character has a bummed attitude all while feeling as though no one cares for his well-being.  I found this book to be perfect for and when teaching about difficult moments.   The process and illustrations that follow along with the story really do the job in terms of feeling for the character.   

Book Five:  Motherhood is Not for Sissies

By: Evelyn Beilensown

Peter Pauper Press  - New York 2005                                                                                      

I absolutely agree with author, “All Mothers are Working Mothers.”  Within this book you will find some comical insight of true little snips of what a mother actually goes through.  It was selected for the true amusement of ‘Motherhood’- Something that all moms cope with on a 24/7 daily basis…. “When all else fails, pray.”