Thursday, March 15, 2012

Managing Time

Managing my time at home has not always been easy especially with a little one.   I found that while in the classroom I am constantly looking at the clock while trying to really pinpoint as to what I would like to get across in the allotted time.   However, at home, it is somewhat different.   I have more time... so I think.   Instead of just typical lesson preparation- I am doing much more than that.

**Waking up, breakfast time, exploration time, morning reading/language arts lesson, clean up, free play, clean-up, science, dramatic play, theme lesson, clean-up, family time, lunch, clean-up, craft/art time, family time, dinner, math time, and finally getting ready for bed.   Boy, that does sounds like a lot once typed up.   Although, I must admit, my loving husband has been helping me in the mornings... he starts breakfast and a lot more in order "to let me sleep". (Poor Guy-He works long hours)

Moving on....

Homeschooling in general takes a lot of patience and time.   As a new 'homeschool mom'... I call it an emotional juggling act between the variety of hats and roles I am taking on... 'mom', 'teacher', 'wife', and etc.   It can and has been somewhat hectic at times.   That is why I try to keep focused on the Lord in order to allow myself to grow within his word regarding time management.   Another confession, finding that specific time to do that has been a struggle.   I have a terrible routine... this night owl has been going to bed around 2 to 4 in the morning... so, before I actually close my eyes I will finally open up the Bible or app on my phone to read. I know- I know! I keep telling myself the same thing... if I got up earlier or if I managed just a little better.   Right now, this works.   I say that because my entire focus has been driven on #1 Being the Supportive Wife my Husbands Needs, #2 Being the Loving Mom my son needs, and finally, #3 Being the Educator that I have always wanted to be.   Those are some of the reasons why I stay up long hours researching material, gathering information, collecting feedback, and designing lessons. I want to make sure that during the day my son receives the education he deserves and my husband gets the wife he needs.

I am NOT saying that this process is easy! Some days you doubt if you are doing the right thing by making 'that' choice. The choice of 'staying home' vs. 'working outside the house'.   For me, I would feel terrible and guilty if I didn't stay home... for many many reasons.   I am incredibly picky and my attitude has always been if the Lord blessed me with a child- I am going to stay home with him or her. *That is not to say, I am not for those working outside the home.  I do in-fact know what it feels like- I have done it. With that, sometimes I do think and somewhat feel that if I didn't have the educational background I would look for other options.   This is just a personal insight towards some of my reasons behind the 'homeschooling'.   Some people are able to do it... some are not.   Right now, it works for us!

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