Thursday, March 15, 2012

Embarrassing Moment or Missed Opportunity

If there was a slight minor moment to do over... I believe, this would absolutely be one of them.

Scenario ~

I was standing in the line at the checkout with my three-year-old son. Immediately, my little one asks the clerk what she was wearing on her head. It was her headscarf. Now, we are not talking about the question being asked in a low tone, it was rather loud and yes, everybody in the line heard his question while staring at me.

Without thinking, I bent down and said, "J---, that is not okay." The clerk was very nice and said, "Oh, that's alright, I'm asked all the time."

After my purchase and before I even walked outside I felt bad. I felt this way because my son did not do anything wrong and yet, I got after him. He was curious and therefore, he asked a simple question. Realizing my "Parent" mistake the "Teacher" inside took over and explained right away when we got out the door.

Even though this particular incident happened over a week ago and it may seem incredibly minor. I am the type of person that evaluates and reevaluates my actions, scenarios, and what I could have done better. In that case, I would have simply answered the question at that moment.

That was my, Missed Opportunity!

I am writing about this because hopefully realizing that the blend of parent/teacher sometimes have wide defining lines... "When am I a teacher?" or "When am I a parent?" These are some of the questions I would ask myself on a regular basis as a "Home school Mom".

To answer, I am "both"-100 percent of the time. I am "Mommy" and I am a "Teacher" (amongst other things of-course).  With that- my little one is learning from my actions, words, attitude, and more, all of the time.

Ending thought: He is my reality check ~ every single day!! He is making me grow into a better parent and teacher!!

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